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Community-Led Conservation

Community-Led Conservation

The first CAMPFIRE program in Zimbabwe was started here in Gonarezhou by one of Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge’s directors – Clive Stockil, and its principles have since been replicated across Africa and the rest of the world.

Chilo engages with and supports a variety of initiatives and programs in our efforts to not only bridge community and conservation but also to create opportunities and showcase to our guests how their travel choices have a positive impact.   

This collaboration and co-existence of a private entity and traditional living has been a contributor the 6000 Shangaan having settled here, living in traditional home steads and the village now has a clinic, schools, boreholes and griding mills.

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Jamanda Conservancy

The Jamanda Conservancy was established to ensure the peaceful coexistence between the local community of Mahenye and surrounding wildlife areas of Gonarezhou. The community has...

Pack 4 a Purpose

Small Space. Little Effort. Big Impact. We know that so often our guests, upon visiting our community partners, wonder if there is a way that...

Nutritional Garden

Planting seeds for the future is both a physical and metaphorical endeavor for the formidable female farmers of Mahenye Village. Their vegetable gardens are the...


The first CAMPFIRE program (Communal Areas Management Program for Indigenous Resources) in Zimbabwe was started here, and its principles have since been replicated across Africa...