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On Safari in Gonarezhou National Park

On Safari in Gonarezhou National Park

Any journey into the heart of Gonarezhou is a connection with a wilderness solitude of truly wild Africa. It is one of Africa’s last remaining pristine wildernesses and Zimbabwe’s rising star - conservation success story.

This is a country of red sandstone, thorny scrub, baobabs and animals in their most natural state at Gonarezhou. Buffalo gather at watering holes, big cats prowl silently in pursuit of painted impala, and hippo bathe midstream attended by squadrons of fluttering birds.

The presence of elephants is everywhere; as their families travel along routes passed from one matriarch to another in search of food, safety, and water. A panorama of birdlife gathers at Tembawahata and Machanu Water Pans, creating a kaleidoscope of colour, while the wonders of Chilojo Cliffs and Chivilila Falls reveal the glories of the unique landscape.

Our guides will take you on a variety of game drives, at whichever pace you want and with routes tailored specially to your interests. Game walks are a special way to experience this wild country and feel the African soil under your feet.

Allow some time to just sit and relax at one of the water pans and experience the wildlife rather than just admiring it from afar. Curious minds will rejoice in conversations about the wilderness areas and you’ll gain a unique perspective about your impact as a traveller and the conservation success of Gonarezhou over the past years.