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Escape to the freedom of Nhambo self catering lodges, where the spirit of adventure calls. This self-catering haven is designed for the independent traveler who craves a unique and unforgettable experience. Our 4 unit one-bedroom chalets are equipped each with its own private balcony, offering breathtaking views of the sandy Save Riverbed, allowing you to wake up to the sounds of nature and fall asleep under the stars. The 4 units have a shared kitchen and dining area providing a convivial setting for mealtime gatherings.

For larger groups or families, we have 1 unit of our Three-bedroom Nhambo Family villa which is the perfect choice. Sleeping up to six guests in comfort, this luxurious retreat boasts its own private kitchen, garden, and bbq area.

Imagine savoring delicious meals prepared in a shaded outdoor setting, surrounded by the beauty of the African wilderness. At Nhambo camp, we invite you to immerse yourself in the freedom and adventure that comes with self-catering, while still enjoying the luxuries and comforts you deserve