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Game Drives are the essence of a safari; sitting in your seat and letting your safari guide explore this wildlife theatre with you, letting it come to life with stories of knowledge and experiences. When driving through this spectacular landscape where you never know what is waiting for you around the next Baobab! With our trusted guides at the helm, we go out to explore to hopefully find a variety of big and small wildlife including lion, cheetah, wild dogs, hyena, buffalo, kudu, eland, and giraffe. You might even bear witness to the national park’s protected rhino population. Please talk to us to make this happen for you. 

Not to forget a diverse array of birds. And of course – elephant in the 1000’s, where you will see evidence of their movement through the trees, earth, and cliffs everywhere you look. Game drives are generally conducted in the early morning or late afternoon when the animals are the most active and easiest to spot. We will stop for morning coffee and nibbles on the River Save, or sundowners on the banks of a lagoon, with only a chortling hippo and a circling fish eagle for company. Traverse the cascading landscape of Gonarzahou and enjoy breath-taking views at dawn or sunset and make memories that will last you a lifetime.