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Meet Enock. Enock is Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge’s head gardener and looks after the grounds around the lodge. A few years ago, he approached us and asked whether he can invite Chilo’s guests to his home and show his current traditional way of living with his family and tribe. Together, we went on a journey of developing the most authentic and warm-hearted community experience.

Enock invites guests to his home; under the shade of the tree, he will share with you stories of his way of living, introduce you to different family members and teach you about his way of living. Learn how his family extracts salt from the earth around them and which plants they use to make beer or wine, or more importantly for medicinal use. 

The most exciting part of the afternoon is getting involved – be it grinding seeds, pumping water or creating a meal. Enock and his family look forward to welcoming you and we are sure you will sit around the campfire talking about this enriching and impactful experience that evening and for a long time to come. 

Other experiences of the local Mahenye village include a drive through the village seeing the schools and clinic, or an evening with traditional dancers.