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Born and raised in Mahenye Village, Gonarezhou is home to Lloyd, and you will be far stretched to find anyone who knows this landscape better than he! Lloyd’s family are an integral part of Chilo’s history, as Lloyd’s father was an architect involved in the building of Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge, and after completing his […]

John Zvinashe

John grew up in the mountains of the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, and a visit to Lake Kariba allowed John to see safari guides in action for the first time, showing him that it was possible to build a career working closely in the natural world he had always loved. He set to work to […]

Thomas Mutombeni

Thomas was born and raised in the South-East Lowveld bordering Gonarezhou National Park and has dedicated his life to exploring and working with local wildlife. As a child, he enjoyed learning about the local flora and fauna and picked up a special interest in trees and shrubs and their medicinal uses. These initial experiences sparked […]

Clive Stockil

Clive Stockil is the founding father of Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge. Born in the area, he qualified as a Zimbabwean Professional Guide in 1973. Clive’s passion for the African bush began as a child, when he often sought out adventures in the wilderness with his Shangaan friends. He is universally renowned as an authority on […]